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Iuliana Șpiniuc, a native Moldavian with Polish origins, is one of those people one can’t easily forget. With a persona that effortlessly impacts everyone in the audience, Iuliana artistry makes her one of the most exhilarating, fun and overall enchanting up and coming artists today. While donning multiple hats of model, actress, guitarist, singer and songwriter, Iuliana evokes the sultry energy of the most famous Michelle Hunziker and the catwalk prowess of Gigi Hadid. Iuliana’s debut album, presently in the makings, featuring her single hit “Flyin’ So High”, released in July 2015 by Pirames International, written and produced by Italian artist Vincenzo Camporeale and Iuliana herself, introduces her rich blend of influences which moulded her career into a blossoming treat!
Iuliana’s first single, Flyin’ So High, airing worldwide on all major networks, features an exquisite music video, directed by Giordano Affolti, which will leave everyone in awe! A retrospect on the many facets of the self made woman that she is, the story eludes no details in telling the public the kind of mastery and boldness of character she’s made of!

Iuliana’s official debut album release is expected to be hitting the market later this year!

Hailing from a modest Moldavian family, Iuliana didn’t quite get to music immediately ‘cause it was evident that her modelling and acting career had to come first! Thrown out of school at age 16 by the School Headmaster for refuting to play the violin, she was reassigned “with force” to another premise where she could study the guitar, her favorite instrument!

Upon completing her Diploma, Iuliana Șpiniuc, alongside daughter Vanessa decided to move to Italy, the Fashion Capital of the world, to continuing her artistic career as a model and actress! She did so, believe it or not, on July 7th 2007 (07/ 07/ 07). For those into numerology this leaves no space for doubt, being 7 the perfect number of God! With that in mind, Iuliana wastes no time and effort into the pursue of her dream! In fact, shortly after having settled down in beautiful Milan, she began studying singing and acting with what seemed to be the beginning of something truly paved out by fate! Her determination and overflowing energy will soon prove her right!

In fact, she would go on working with many legendary Italian producers and impresarios, including nonetheless than Mr. Enrico Beruschi and Mrs. Margherita Fumero, in the sit com “Bar Dolce Bar”, under the distinguished direction of Italian talent Silvia Arzuffi. These experiences prepared her for the opportunity to further her acting and singing studies in a more international setting, thus embarking in a life changing journey with Italian American businessman and overall music geek Steve Dapper! At Dapper Brothers Los Angeles, Iuliana fostered her talent under the direction of those who paved the way in the music business for artists such as the late Michael Jackson, Nina Simone, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, to name a few! Completed her 12 month intensive training in acting, Iuliana continued her studies in singing for the subsequent year, prior to being signed up by Independent Italian Label Pirates International for the production and release of her first music single “Flyin’ So High”.

By 2015 Iuliana was truly flying high, very high! So much so that she found herself literally thrown on stage, under the spot light, directing her live shows, casting musicians, selecting her dancers, choreographers, stylists and producers all while keeping faith to her training to which she dedicates endless hours every day!

Iuliana is currently tirelessly promoting her new single.

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"Now I'm gonna tel you a secret, Life is your's and it's nobody's business The age of miracle is now.." Iuliana Spiniuc *Flyin' So High*

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